Best Way to Capture Kids Photos

Children are a joy in so many different ways. However, getting them to pose for a photograph is often another matter entirely. It’s not surprising that children are naturally resistant to behaving and being still for a photograph because their very nature is one of movement and constant curiosity.

The good news is that there are a number of tips that can help you get the perfect photo of your child. It also helps to hire the best kids photographer in Dubai in order to capture these precious moments with children. By working with professional kids photography in Dubai, you can get some wonderful portraits that will last a lifetime.

Talk Beforehand

Before the photography session begins, talk to the photographer over the phone or better yet, face to face so that they can get to know the personality of your child. The more the photographer understands the moods and actions of your children, the better it will be for them to get your child to pose for the perfect photo.


Gift Ideas - Kids photography DubaiEveryone loves gifts, especially children. Even a small, inexpensive gift can go a long way towards making the right impression with youngsters. Be sure to show them the gift first and say that if they do a good job it will be for them.

Look into their Eyes

Kids Photographer DubaiKneel down to the child’s level so they can look into your eyes. It’s important to speak to them in a language that they can understand you. Plus, it can really open up the communication when you ask children about their favorite colors, toys, and the like.

Back-Up Treats

Kids Party Photographer dubaiThere will always be that strong-willed or really distracted child that may need some extra motivation. That where having some treats in a bag can really help. One great trick for the kids photographer in Dubai is to wear an interesting or funny hat that will naturally have the kids looking at you.

Have the Parents Leave

You should strive for one on one time with the kids and having the parents step out of sight can be most helpful. This not only reduces the distraction for the kids, but it also reduces the stress from the parents.

Make it a Game

Kids photos dubaiPlaying games with children can really capture their attention and make them work for you in getting the best photograph. A game of “Simon Says” is a great way to have kids actually obey your commands in a fun, natural way.

Break Up the Photo Session

If you have an hour with the kids, break it up into a few shorter sessions with breaks so they can relax and then get back into the mood. Don’t worry about missing the perfect moment because it will happen at some point.

It Will All Work Out

No matter how the day goes, for kids photography in Dubai if you took many photographs of the kids they will become the source of memories for the rest of their lives. So, do not worry if everything does not go as planned, the fact that you did get the photographs provides rewards that will last a very long time.

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